What If You Had to Choose Between Your Life and Someone Else's?

Ben Bradford has it all: a beautiful wife and two healthy sons, a big house in an affluent Connecticut suburb, partnership at a prestigious Manhattan law firm. But scratch the surface and you'll find a deeply unhappy man. Not only are Ben's dreams of life as a professional photographer slipping away, but so is his wife -- into the arms of another man, who, Ben discovers, just happens to be a photographer.

What If You Had No Choice?

When a confrontation with the lover turns ugly, a spilt second is all it takes to change Ben's life forever. Quickly realizing that there is only one way out, he sets into motion a meticulously detailed plan that ultimately lands him out West, with a shot at the proverbial second chance. But the price tag is high: Ben must give up his friends, his home, his children, his name. His life.

And just when it seems he's pulled it off, Ben Kearns there's a small hitch: Even in a small town in Montana, it's only a matter of time before your past catches up with you....

The Big Picture - Douglas Kennedy

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