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An action-packed adventure that takes readers on a thrilling journey through time, Al Tameema, which means talisman, is a story about a mystery that dates back millions of years, but which is only just starting to be unravelled now.

Nabil Farouk's latest novel races through history, describing its most critical moments, including the confrontation between the Pharaoh and Moses, Cleopatra and the Romans, the end of Muslim rule in Spain, Saladin and Richard the Lionheart, right up to the present day. Zainab, the most recent owner of the talisman, and her fiance Asim, an IT specialist, are in immediate danger, when a strange creature is conjured up by the talisman to defend them. This compels Asim to uncover the secret of this strange necklace, which Zainab inherited from her family. Intriguing and compelling, Al Tameema follows the movements of a life-changing talisman, which has the power to change the future of all those who wear it, as it moves from one neck to another, bringing power and influence to all those who own it.

التميمة - نبيل فاروق

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